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  • Version: 1.0.0

Give Your Tablet A Mighty Dose Of Kratos.

XPERIA God of War Theme is a theme designed specifically for XPERIA tablets. It changes the icons, lockscreen and background of the tablet, along with other features, to display Kratos on the warpath prominently and otherwise give a general God of War look to the interface.

Thematically powerful; visually flawed

The theme works well, without causing any slowdown, and it offers an animated background, which makes browsing through files a little peppier. The theme also offers multiple color options to suit personal tastes, and it has an excellent icon for generic file folders. It doesn't have icons for every built-in app, however, and not every icon looks as good as it could.

Fit for a god, if not a king

Overall, the XPERIA God of War Theme does a lot of things, and it does some of them well, but some elements are a little half-baked (such as the default app icon selection), and some are non-existent (the lockscreen isn't animated the way the other components of the theme are). Still, if you like God of War and have an XPERIA device, this theme is a good fit for you.


  • Animated background
  • Multiple colour schemes
  • Special lockscreen
  • Has a general folder icon


  • Only XPERIA devices supported
  • Few app icon customizations
  • Lockscreen is somewhat minimal
  • Some icons don't look right


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XPERIA God of War Theme


XPERIA God of War Theme 1.0.0 for Android


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